How It All Began

The name MNP was initially meant to be “Mortgage and Property” by its founder, Stephen Soon when he started his sole proprietorship, MNP Management Consultancy in 2003 to provide financial advisory service to secure bank mortgage financing. It was then renamed MNP Auctioneers when he secured an auctioneer license in April 2004, and progressed further to incorporate in 2006.

Stephen’s lifetime profession begin when a close friend of his father, late Mr. Mohammad Hussain Ibrahim, an auctioneer-turned-solicitor entrusted his unique England-made hammer to Stephen and guided him along the way to nurture his professionalism in this area.

Auctioneer is a sacred profession that practiced the highest standard of professionalism through conducting an open, fair and transparent bidding process. Entirely gearing through competitive spirit, no favoritism but the highest bidder win with a knock of a hard-sound hammer. Similarly, court judges and parliamentary speakers use hammer to signify judgment or pass a law as it represents supreme justice!

MNP commenced its operation by securing several financial institutions’ agreement to conduct foreclosure auction of real estate. It was not until 2014 to practically diversify its portfolio when MNP was appointed the first ever official auctioneer of Bank Negara Malaysia (Central Bank of Malaysia) to handle the Bank’s auction of Malaysian Banknotes with special serial numbers. MNP further strengthened its asset auction market leadership when it launched the inaugural Straits Chinese Antique Auction in May 2017.

MNP was awarded ISO 9001:2008 in Quality Management System in year 2010. It achieved another milestone when it was awarded the National Mark of Malaysian jointly by SIRIM and SMECORP IN 2015.

The following document is our Corporate Profile:

Accreditation, Quality Assurance & Award

Over the years, MNP has built a reputation for leadership, integrity, professionalism, and exemplary service. The rigorous accreditation and awards represent a prestigious accomplishment for our company and demonstrates we have implemented industry best practices in many service areas.

MNP has obtained ISO 9001:2008 (Quality Management System) in year 2009 and we have since then renewed the certification on yearly basis. In 2018, we have successfully upgraded to ISO 9001:2015. Notably to date, MNP is the first and the only auction company to obtain this quality certification in Malaysia.

Notably to date, MNP is the first and the only auction company to obtain this quality certification in Malaysia.

MNP has won the National Mark of Malaysian Brand Award in 2015.

The National Mark of MALAYSIAN BRAND carries with it the endorsement of quality from the Malaysian Government, through SME Corporation Malaysia and its partners like SIRIM behind the certification programme.

Notably to date, MNP is the first and the only auction company to obtain this brand certification in Malaysia.

MNP had conducted seven (7) auctions of Malaysian Banknotes with Special Serial Numbers since 2014 with record-breaking performances.

The banknotes were exclusively provided by BNM to give every Malaysian a fair opportunity to own piece of the exclusive special seial numbers, and appreciate our very own Banknote.

MNP is product to be the said auction events' official auctioneer

Dato’ Ong Seng Huat, Justice of the Peace (Penang) has been appointed as the Corporate Advisor of MNP since January 2017.

Dato’ Ong is also the current Honorary Secretary of the Council of Justices of The Peace, State of Penang.

Upholding integrity is the key of our company. This honorable appointment signifies MNP 's supreme standard in achieving top accreditation and quality assurance.

We were proud to have won the Best SCB Panel of Auctioneers for Sales Performance in 2009 and 2015 on quarterly basis.

Standard Chartered Bank Malaysia is our priority corporate customer.

Our achievement was recognized proudly by Malaysia Entrepreneurs' Development Association (Persatuan Usahawan Maju Malaysia – PUMM), through the conferment of Gold Award Winner of Top Team 50 Enterprise Awards Malaysia in 2011.

MNP has engaged VA Partners as our organization development consultant since 2009. VA Partners is our business coach as well as holding an advisory role crucially in developing our quality standard and corporate governance.

MNP has undergone an equity crowdfunding (ECF) exercise in July 2017 and has won the confidence of our stakeholders through its successful fundraising.

TMF Trustee is the trustee of our ECF shareholders.

MNP was already established enough back in 2005, where our performance was notably complimented by our priority corporate customer, Maybank.


“To Provide Reliable Asset Auction Services”

“ 提供 可靠 的资产拍卖服务 ”


“To be the Preferred Asset Auction Service Provider in Malaysia With Reliable Services and Customer Satisfaction

“ 成为马来西亚首选的资产拍卖服务公司,以 可靠的服务顾客满意度 为先 ”


Stephen Soon - CEO / Managing Director

Current Positions

Vice Chairman, Wang Hou Antique & Heritage Association
Incoming Assistant Governor, Rotary International District 3300

Professional Qualifications

Bachelor of Business in Commercial Law, Victoria University (Melbourne, Australia)
Licensed Auctioneer for Penang, Kuala Lumpur and Kedah State
Certified Mediator (AIAC)
Certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner
Certified Hypnotherapist
Trainer / Speaker / Writer in Asset Auctioning

Past Positions

Past Chairman, Penang Auctioneers Association (Persatuan Pelelong Pulau Pinang) – 2010 to 2018
Past President, Rotary Club of Penang – 2016 to 2018
Past Main Committee Member, Penang Swimming Club

Our Corporate Customers